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+352 49 80 50

We are committed to providing our patients with comprehensive dental care.

We offer a full range of general dentistry services in a comfortable, state of the art practice with friendly professional staff that put you and your family first. We identify the optimal treatment plan for each patient and ensure that we perform to the highest standard, using the best materials, techniques and technology available today.

Our dentists offer all the latest general dentistry treatments for adults and children: root canal treatment, filling and repair of broken teeth, extractions, treatment of decay and gum problems (gingivitis, gum recession, periodontitis, abscess, etc.). Orthodontic treatment for adults and children as well as aesthetic dental treatment are also offered in our dental clinic.

Our Family Dentistry Services at Turcarelli Dental Practice Luxembourg

We genuinely care about the needs of all our patients, which is why we always go above and beyond to ensure our patients’ comfort, health, and well-being.  We offer high quality, modern dentistry within a reassuringly friendly environment. Our preventive approach ensures your teeth will stay in top condition, but if any problems do occur, we can provide a comprehensive range of treatments, delivered by experienced dental professionals.

We want you to feel comfortable about coming to see us and will always listen to any of your concerns. You can also rest assured that our dentists are highly qualified, as well as very approachable, and use a wealth of advanced techniques to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible. They also keep up to date with advances in modern dentistry, frequently refreshing and adding to their skills. This blend of exceptional care and expertise is delivered in a well-equipped, relaxed setting, and we also offer convenient appointments, out-of-hours emergency treatment..

We will talk you through your options and advise which will be the most suitable treatments – these can range from a simple filling for repairing an area of decay or a crown to fully restore damaged teeth, right through to intricate root canal therapy. We can offer extractions for those teeth that are beyond repair or to make more space prior to orthodontic treatment, as well as filling in any gaps with our dentures, bridges or dental implants.

Give us a call on +352 49 80 50  and we will gladly answer any questions or let you know how to register with the Turcarelli Dental Practice.

A visit to the dentist in the 21st century bears no resemblance to the traditional and tired stereotype of white-coated practitioners who inflict pain on frightened patients in sterile-looking rooms filled with dangerous-looking equipment.

Here is an overview of the family dentistry care offered by your general dentists at our Dental practice

Dental check-ups :

Regular dental check-ups are the key to good oral health. This is why it is generally recommended to have a dental exam every 6 months. In most cases, this is done after professional cleaning by another member of our team: the dental hygienist
Preventive care :
Some care is aimed at preventing the development of oral diseases or damage. These include sealant application, popular with children and adolescents to protect molars and premolars against cavities. Your general dentist can also help you manage bruxism (teeth grinding) to prevent its consequences.
Treatment of cavities :
General dentists perform fillings to eradicate dental caries and restore affected teeth.
Cosmetic dentistry:
To correct cosmetic defects in the teeth, general dentists can offer various cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening or the design and placement of dental veneers.
Dental restorations :
Replacing missing teeth is of primary importance. Our dentists offers services for the design of various dental restorations like crowns, bridges, dental prostheses and more. If the situation requires it, the restorations will be done in collaboration with our denturologist. No matter the problem, we have the solution for you.

Emergency Dentist Services

Our entire team is available from 7 AM to 9 PM.
IMMEDIATE appointment
+352 49 80 50

Do you require Emergency Dental care. Are you experiencing any of the following?

Dental pain
Bleeding from the gums
Loose teeth
Chipped Teeth or Fillings
Fractured or loose Dental Crowns or Dental Bridges

Broken Dentures
Swelling in the face or mouth
Bulges or swelling on your gums

Then please contact Turcarelli Dental Practice, we offer same day emergency dentist appointments.

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